Salt Flakes (Fleur de Sel)


Best Salt Flakes for seasoning and grills!

Our Delicate, handpicked Salt Flakes (Fleur de Sel), harvested from the Anfeh sea mills, is superior to regular salt due to its delicate harvesting process during only a few select days a year, ensuring a pure product without chemicals or additives. Unlike common salt, Fleur de Sel’s unique crystals are ideal as a finishing salt, especially for grills, enhancing flavors with its richer, more nuanced taste profile. This traditional method, centuries old, offers a healthier, tastier option for discerning culinary enthusiasts.

How to use it?

To experience the distinct taste of your delicate, handpicked Salt Flakes (Fleur de Sel) try sprinkling it over grilled steak right before serving. This method enhances the meat’s flavor, adding a subtle crunch and a burst of saltiness that elevates the dish. Fleur de Sel’s delicate texture and rich taste make it the perfect finishing touch, distinguishing it from regular salt, which might overshadow the natural flavors of the food.


75 Grams


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